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Bastard Link Virus

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 Hi All....                                               10.04.2001

 A new linkvirus has been found. At this time the installer for this
 new linkvirus is not known,  and at this time only "Safe v15.1 SE",
 is abel to find the virus, but not the installer.

 Here is what we know at this time (Text from Zbigniew):

 I call the linkvirus temporarily Bastard.
 The virus is polymorphic and hacks VirusCheckerII in memory to make
 it infect all files You check.  The virus is very well coded as for
 the things  we see  these days. Virus  adds it's  code behind first
 code hunk and  replaces first long  of it with jump into decryptor.
 Decryptor is highly polymorphic,  but can be easily detected due to
 lazyness of virus programmer.  This decoder has  static length, one
 layer, and few  static important  instructions. I think this engine
 is totally new but we saw many better ones in the past.
 To remove the virus we will  need to decode the mainblock of virus,
 so recognition  routine must be  little  bit improved.  As always I
 have prepared such filerecog routine, but this time some additional
 work have to be done,  to decode the virus.  As far as I understand
 the code  of virus the bes t way of decoding would be rewriting  of
 the last word of the decoder with RTS and executing it.
 The decoding  algo may become different  to the version implemented
 by author of virus due to garbage instructions mixed with it.
 The installer of this virus is currently unknown.

 We will get back to you as soon as we know more about this one.

 Thanks to Zbigniew Trzcionkowski for Safe and the fast test...

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