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Bobek Link Virus Found

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 Hi All....                                               24.04.2001

 A new link-virus has been found, the installer is still unknown, we
 are looking for it. This new virus will add 460 bytes to every file
 that is opened or executet. That also means that even  an antivirus
 program (that the virus is unknown to),  will  infect every file it
 checks for virus. The new virus patches dos.library ExNext function
 to spread it self.  The new virus  has been given the name "BOBEK",
 this is the text you can read in the end of every infected tile.

 Okay, here is what we know so far:

 Archive name : ?
 Archive size : ?
 Virus name   : BOBEK
 Virus size   : 460 bytes
 Infection    : dos.library ExNext

 At this time no antivirus program can find this new virus,  so take
 big care out there.  We are right now testing a beta version of the
 antivirus program VirusExecutor,that will be abel to find the virus
 and to remove it from memory.

 Thanks to Ingo Foerster for sending the infected files...

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