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Bobek 2 Link Virus

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Hi All....

A new  trojan has been found today.  The trojan will install the known
'Bobek 2'  linkvirus.  It has been on Aminet for about 4 month, but is
has been removed  now. So if you have installed this  archive, it is a
very good idear to check your system with an updated antivirus program
and also the newest update of the 'xvs.library'.

There is also info that the archive is on a 'Exec cover CD'.

This is what we know of the archive:

Virus Type.... : Trojan & Installer
Virus name.... : Bobek 2 linkvirus
Virus size.... : About 1.036 bytes (Uses Polymorph)
Archive name.. : CoolBall.lha
Archive size.. : 21.784 (lha packed)
Archive info.. : Short: CoolBall - MagicWB backdrop (640x480)
                 Desc : Cool backdrop v1.
                        his my first download at Aminet, so do me
                        know if you likes that.a intro msg for the
                        ppl interesed... >;)

The cure...... : VirusZ, VirusExecutor or VirusChecker II with the
                 use of xvs.library v33.24.

Thanks to 'Marcin Lewandowski' for the info, and to 'Urban' for the

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