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Harrier A Link Virus

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Hi All....

A new linkvirus  has been  found a few days ago, but not in the wild.
It was send to directly to Georg Hoermann (programmer of xvs.library)
by the virus-programmer. Georg recived the hole source code. This new
virus,  named "Harrier A" was able to disable the antivirus programs,
but with  the new xvs.library v33.36, this in no longer possible, due
to the  new security stuff in the xvs.library code. And maybe that is
the reason why the virus-programmer send the code to Georg Hoermann.

We do not know if this virus was released in any way, so if you get a
requester poping up, telling you that  something is trying to disable
the xvs.library, please let us know.

This is what we know of the virus:

Virus name.... : Harrier A
Virus Type.... : Linkvirus
Virus size.... : 4.800 bytes (Uses polmorphic engine)
Infects....... : 020+ machines

In the decoded virus you can read:

 .[ Harrier .A 1.02 virus,
 (c) by ]
 .Markus! Come back!Hç..,z

 (xxxxxxx = Programmers name, removed by Virus Help Denmark)

The xvs.library package will be released very soon.....

Thanks to 'Georg Hoermann' for sending the archive, and to
Zeeball for the first test.

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