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WatchDog v2.7 Release Info
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Name: WatchDog Short: Memory virus killer and detector v2.7 Author: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski ( Version: 2.7 (15.02.2002) Requires: Amiga with OS 2.04+, xvs.library STATUS: FreeWare ---------------------------------------------------------------------- WatchDog is memory watch tool. Currently xvs.library and some internal routines are used. NONE OF YOUR ANTIVIRUSES IS ABLE TO DO THAT ALL! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes since 2.5: - added checking of some BCPL stuff (which is totally harmless since os37+ anyways). + CallGVptr - ROM check + EndGVptr - ROM check + GlobVecTable - checksumming, that should detect patches of any GV based viri including imaginary ones like GlobVec144 ;) Thanks to Thomas Richter and Holger Hippenstiel for information about GV that helped me a lot... - added new tooltype 'NoGlobVec' to skip tests described above - it is already set in the icon as nobody beside me need these checks! - added notification of LIBS:xvs.library - added some additional stuff to tc_launch/tc_switch checker - changed timing routine - ToolTypes: NoSwitch and NoLaunch are no longer debug only :P - kicked bonus stuff due to lack of user's interest ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: tc_Switch and tc_Launch turned nasty due to some third party software. Most of that stuff is a ssociated with u**x ported stuff and in this place one suggestion: make use of appropriate tooltypes! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm still waiting for at least one more report slowing of net access by WD... Thanks for testing/reports concerning tc_Switch and tc_Launch stuff fly to: Dieter Beck, Frederic Nicolas, Jean Michel Chapron and Morgoth

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