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VMKCheckX ☣ WatchDog ☣ Safe

By Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Copyright © 2001-2002

WatchDog is background memory checker. Time between checks is adjusted automagically somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds. Memory test is also performed just after watching about requester (take a look at Tools menu on WB). Just take a look at the icon and be aware of the fact that some of these ToolTypes are debug only and might be removed in future...

Currently WatchDog is controlled by ToolTypes in it's icon.

You can expect that WatchDog:
  • Checks memory for known viruses with xvs.library.
  • Controlls memory with loads of internal routines.
  • Keeps notification over S:startup-sequence.
  • Keeps notification over S:user-startup.

  • AmigaOS 2.0 or newer
  • Xvs.library v33.45 or higher - VERY IMPORTANT

Memory removals of known viruses are based on xvs.library and nothing more can be said about that, due to the programsinternal routines.

For comments or bug reports or if you have found some new virus, contact the author at the following addresses:

Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Astrow 7
43 250 Pawlowice
(We're not sure if the address is still valid)

Click here to get Zbigniew's Public PGP key.

The eXternal Virus Scanner Library
Watchdog is now, through the use of the 'xvs.library' able to detect all the older and some of the new viruses. So is is very important that you have the newest update of 'xvs.library' for recognition and disinfection of all the new viruses. Download the latest version of xvs.library made by Georg Wittmann here.

Download WatchDog:

WatchDog v2.7 (lha packed) Date: 17.02.2002 Size: 19.675 bytes Read me

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