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About Xvs.library
Copyright by Georg Hörmann

(Information about the xvs.library)
The eXternal Virus Scanner Library

The entire XVS software package is written and copyright © 1997-99 by Georg Hörmann.
From December 1999 to June 2001 xvs.library is copyright © Alex van Niel.
Additional changes and updates during June 2001 and onwards are copyright © 2001 - Georg Hörmann.
The xvs.library contains all the virus recognition and removal code that was formerly included in VirusZ. This step has been taken for one major reason: VirusZ, VirusChecker, VirusExecutor and other programs can be updated fast without releasing the whole package every week by releasing a new library version.

So simply install the library in this archive to your LIBS: drawer to get 100% protection against the latest viruses.

Right now there are a few anti-virus that uses the xvs.library to find and remove the nasty viruses.
Here are some of the names:
VirusZ II & III - VirusChecker II - VirusExecutor

You can contact the programmers at this address:

Georg Hoermann
Martinswinkelstrasse 16c
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Press here to get Georg's public PGP key.

Download Xvs.library here:

Release info from Georg
Download Xvs.library v33.42
Read the release info from Georg Hoermann
Download Xvs.library v33.42

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