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Remember always to have the newest update of xvs.library installed. . .
The eXternal Virus Scanner Library
By Georg Wittmann

Copyright © 1991-1999, 2002-2022 by Georg Wittmann
Copyright © 1999-2001 by Alex van Niel
Copyright © 2001 by Jan Erik Olausen

Version 33.47 is the newest of the xvs.library. . . .

The xvs.library contains all virus recognitions and disinfection code that was formerly included inside VirusZ. This step has been taken for one major reason: VirusZ III, VirusExecutor, VirusChecker II, VirusSlayer II and other antivirus software that uses the xvs.library can be updated quickly without releasing the whole packages every time a new virus appears.

So simply install the xvs.library from this archive to your LIBS: drawer to get 100% protection against the latest viruses.

To be able to check if the library in this archive really came straight from the author, you can use my public key with the .sig files in the archive. If you are not sure or do not trust the included key, then you can always request an original copy straight from Georg (by email, see below) or get it from the Virus Help Team homepage.

Currently Georg Wittmann am developing the xvs.library package alone again, so for any bug reports, comments or new ideas just contact Georg via e-mail.

So as we see the 30th anniversary of VirusZ this year, I actually decided to update VirusZ and xvs.library once again for all Amiga(-like) systems that popped up over the last 15 years. During the last months, I had to understand the (undocumented) new features of AmigaOS 4.x (especially the memory management), analyse parts of AROS and do a lot of beta-testing. Therefore I installed WinUAE with several emulated Amiga systems and OS versions (I finally bought AmigaOS 4.1 and 3.2, but currently don't have 4.0 and 3.1.4 which aren't available any more).

So this is the first release after 15 years and should run stable now on all AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS systems. But please don't hesitate to report problems if you still encounter any.

The amount of viruses & trojans that the xvs.library v33.47 will find:

Bootblock Virus
Link Virus
File Virus
Data Virus

You can contact Georg at this e-mail address:

Georg Wittmann

E-Mail: virusz_xvs@gmx.de

Press here to get Georg's public PGP key.

Download Xvs.library here:

Xvs.library v33.47 (LHA Packed) Date: 30.05.2022 Size: 103.300 bytes Read me
Xvs.library History Date: 30.05.2022 Size: Read only Read me

Antivirus programs that uses the Xvs.library:
Antivirus programs that uses the xvs.library to find and remove the viruses:

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