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By Markus Schmall

VirusWorkShop is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

Last update: 24 march 1998

Welcome to another new viruskiller on the AMIGA. This virus-killer was programmed to help you to get rid of all the viruses hanging around. VirusWorkshop handles a big number of trojan horses, which try change the AmiExpress mailbox programm and it is ideal for users, who just want to heck their software in a very secure way for viruses and diskerrors.
VirusWorkshop is another try to make a viruskiller for a special usergroup. I think it is good to support Kickstart 1.x but the new features should be supported. VirusWorkshop needs at least 1 MB of memory to work properly.

System Requirements:
  • All Amiga's with OS2.04 or higher
  • Adtools.library
  • FileID.library
  • DMS packer (if you use DMS check)
  • OWS packer (if you use OWS check)
  • Reqtools.library
  • Xfdmaster.library

  • Sektor Check
  • File/Link/Trojan Check
  • Heuristic Scanner
  • Locale Support
  • The Memory Check Function
  • Bootblock to File Function
  • AutoRamKill
  • Read, Write, Show physical cylinder 0
  • The LHA archiv checkroutine
  • Integrity-Checker
Main screen of VirusWorkShop

This programm was made possible based on the work of many people, who send me bugreports, infected files, money, talked to me and gave me new motivation to continue the work on this. I want to thank you ALL. I cannot mention all your names here, but I think on you.

Heuristics Scanner:
What does heuristic exactly mean ?. Heuristic is a word, which is nowadays on the PC very popular and every better viruskiller offers you this possibility. Due to my contacts to some PC antivirus people and to the Virus Test Center in Hamburg, I came to the conclusion to implent such a scanner on AMIGA. Heuristic scanners search for dangerous filestructures and commands and give the user a warning. Such filestructures can e.g. appear in a lot of software.
This is just an additional tool for freaky users. It offers you the possibility to search for dangerous structures and stuff like that. It can cause a lot of FALSE positives, but it`s (as said) a tool for the more advanced users.

VirusWorkShop v6.9 can find this amount of viruses & trojans:
Bootblock Virus
310 >
Link Virus
File Virus
310 >
Data Virus

VirusWorkShop v6.9 Release Info:
NOTE !!! THIS IS JUST THE UPDATE VERSION WITH ALL THE                   Last known programmer info:
CHANGED FILES ! FOR THE  DOCUMENTATION AND  ALL OTHER                   ---------------------------
AND LOOK AT OUR WEBSERVERS                                              Katharinenstr. 17
                                                                        31135 Hildesheim
- Added recognition code for ReorgIt trojan.                            Germany
  Thanks must go to Jan Andersen for sending this one.                  E-Mail:
- Added MAX A trojan recognition.
  Thanks must go to Jan Andersen for sending this one.
- Added new version of xfdmaster library(1.20) by G.Hoermann.
- Added another 3 forms of the MAX trojans.
- Added 1599 trojan.
- Added HANF linkvirus. Ups. Thanks Jan for the hint !
- Added HNY96 installer trojan.
- Added HNY98 bootblock. Thanks Jan and Ingo !
- Added A67 trojan.

- For all the users, who don`t read documents: VWLHA: is a tempory assign, which has to be in an empty
  area, because EVERYTHING will be deleted in it. The guys, who assigned vwlha: to sys: erased their
  whole system area. (In german we would call this DAU)....

  - Markus

  VirusWorkshop should be activated using min. 8 KB of stack

  For the latest viruskillers, please try aminet or Virus Help Team homepage at: (links to all the latest antivirusprograms for Amiga)

Download VirusWorkShop here:

VirusWorkShop v6.9 (LHA Packed) Date: 24.03.1998 Size: 309.927 bytes
VirusWorkShop Documentation (LHA Packed) Date: 24.03.1998 Size: 291.987 bytes

VirusWorkShop is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

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