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About Virus Help Team

We are still here after more than 25 years, and antivirus help is still needed. We do all this anti-virus work in our free time, we all have full time work next to our antivirus hobby. Virus Help Team in Denmark are still alive and kicking, you can read here how it all started. Virus Help Team have just celebrated Virus Help Team's 25'th anniversary, but we are now down to only two people:
  • Jan Andersen - Amiga support
  • Jan Nielsen - Amiga support

Feel free to contact us, if you have questions or virus problems on your Amiga

A very big thank you to the former VHT Denmark guys who now have retired, for all there time and help:

  • Lars P. Kristensen
  • Torben Danø
  • Henrik Lauridsen

Also a major thank you to these people, for all there time and hard work:

  • Georg Wittmann
  • Heiner Schneegold
  • Alex van Niel
  • Jan Erik Olausen
  • Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
  • Martin Zemblowski
  • Dirk Stöcker
  • Chris Hames
  • Thorsten Behrens
  • Jason Smith
  • Markus Schmall
  • Virus Test Center Hamburg
  • Soenke Freitag
  • Dr. Klaus Brunnstein
  • Jonathan Potter
  • Gideon Zenz
  • David Dustin
  • Steve Tibbett
  • CrashDisk
  • Jordan Smith
  • Charlene McNulty
  • John Veldhuis
  • Peter Stuer
  • Gabriele Greco
  • Cheveau Frederic
  • Ramonster
  • Safe Hex International
  • Erik Løvendal Sørensen
  • Urban Muller

  • And everyone else that has supported us
  • Sorry... If we forgot you (We are getting old 😊)

Virus Help Team
Denmark & Canada
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