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Leader: Jan Andersen.

Leader: Charlene McNulty.

More information about Virus Help Team in Denmark

In Denmark we can not call us Virus Help Team Denmark, we had to change our name, because the 'Team Denmark - Institution for promotion of Danish Elite-athletics' did not like that we used the name 'Team Denmark'. They called it (we quote) "Abuse of the name Team Denmark". We had been using the name for over 8 years, with no trouble at all. It is a strange world that we live in. But we will change our name, we do not have the money to fight them in court. Our anti-virus work, is just a hobby to us, we do not make any money out of this.

We in VHT-DK feel that "Team Denmark" is way to fare out of reality.
So now we only use the name 'Virum Help Team'.

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