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News update 20 september 2021:
Georg Wittmann has made an update of VirusZ, you can download VirusZ III 1.04ß here. . .
Amiga.... The Best Computer Ever...
News update 12 september 2021:
Georg Wittmann has relesed a new update of the xvs.library.. . .

We where 5 guys, who earlier worked for Safe Hex International to prevent the spreading of virus on Amiga. But as our policy concerning Amiga antivirus couldn't fit Safe Hex International's policy, we decided to leave and start on a fresh, with our own Virus Help Team, which started on 1 january 1995.
Our objectives are:
  • To fight and prevent the spreading of computervirus.
  • To aid users with virus relate problems.
  • To support all wellknown antivirus programmer with virus.
  • To find virus programmers and bring them to justice.
  • To be a NON-PROFIT group.

We do all this anti-virus work in our free time, we all have full time work next to our antivirus hobby.

If you think or you that your Amiga got a virus just go to the Virus Help page, and this might help you with the virus problem that you have.

Charlene, please contact me. Regards Jan . . .

Virus Help Team in Denmark celebrated 25'th anniversary in 2020, so we are here if you have any virus problems

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