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Virus Boot Detector
by Cheveau Frederic

Virus Boot Detector is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

Virus Boot Detector last update: 26 february 1994

Virus Boot Detector is a multi-purpose virus killer able to find and remove any type of virus. It can also learn or analyse new types of bootblocks. Virus Boot Detector has a personal bank (within the main program) that contains more than 800 known programs, and optionally uses a learn file (found in the 'S' directory).

Virus Boot Detector is the most powerful Antivirus for detecting bootblocks and bootviruses. This version is able to detect more than 800 programs (viruses, bootblocks, resident programs), and in only 70Kb of code (who can make better ???).
VBD is coded 100% in assembler for maximum speed, efficiency, and smaller executable code.

System Requirements:
  • All Amiga's with Kickstart 1.2 or higher
  • Reqtools.library

  • Written in 100% Assembler
  • User-friendly
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Help gadget
  • Display ASCII Bootblock
  • Display HEX Bootblock
  • Can Disable Trackdisk.device
  • Analyse bootblock
  • Detect some unknown viruses
Main screen of Virus Boot Detector

Analyse Boot:
Probably the most interesting function of Virus Boot Detector. This function tries to analyse the current bootblock using an 'Expert System' method. First, Virus Boot Detector displays the total length of boot, the length of code and the length of data. Then it tries to analyse data and code in the boot and display actions that it finds (if there is any) and the offset where VBD found it.
Then, Virus Boot Detector calculates the different probabilities that the boot is a virus, a virus protector, a loader, a utility bootblock, an intro, or a harmless bootblock, and displays its results with a histogram.
This analysis function comes to the right conclusion in 901f cases. The diagnostic can be altered or simply wrong by a miss of informations bootblock, or simply if the virus creator has included analysis protection in his virus (encrypted viruses, useless functions, no direct vectors captured...).

Virus Boot Detector v3.1d can find this amount of viruses & trojans:
Bootblock Virus
Link Virus
File Virus
Data Virus

Virus Boot Detector Release Info:
Virus Boot Detector v2.6 Changes:                                  Last known programmer info:
---------------------------------                                  ---------------------------
                                                                   Cheveau Frederic
* Noting is written about changes                                  8 Passage des Grillons
  in this version                                                  66000 Perpignan
                                                                   No E-mail adress

Download Virus Boot Detector here:

Virus Boot Detector v2.6 (LHA Packed) Date: 26.02.1994 Size: 119.855 bytes

Virus Boot Detector is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

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