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by Gabriele Greco

VirusScanner is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

VirusScanner last update: 22 july 1996

VirusScanner is a new conception antivirus commodity for Kickstart 2.0+. It recognises more than 390 viruses (click on the 'About' gadget for knowing of how many viruses recognise the current version) and checks also system vectors for possible alteration.

VirusScanner is the first fully modular virus checker, copying new versions of the removelink.library, bootblock.library or unpack.library in your libs directory VS will recognise automatically new file or link viruses and new crunchers or archiviers. Obviously it has also his internal virus checking routines that let me update the killer to recognise new viruses without waiting for SHI library updates.

System Requirements:
  • All Amiga's with Kickstart 2.04 or higher
  • Bootblock.library - In archive
  • Removelink.library - In archive
  • Unpack.library - In archive
  • Reqtools.library - In archive

  • Can be localized
  • Has a complete ARexx port
  • System vectors check
  • Memory vectors check
  • Very configurable
  • Easy to use
Main screen of VirusScanner

VirusScanner has many usefull features as the periodical check of every memory vector, of the startup-sequence and of the process you have in background. This operations are performed without any loss of processor speed, unlike Virus Checker.
VirusScanner recognises every file/link virus available at the moment and using if possible the 'New Virus Database' feature let VirusScanner knows also virus that it originally doesn't know. For the news ones look at the virus wanted list.

VirusScanner uses the SHI bootblock.library, so with an update of the bootblock.brainfile it can recognise and delete any new bootblock virus.
VirusScanner uses the SHI removelink.library, so with a new version of the library you can kill new viruses.
VirusScanner uses the SHI unpack.library, os it can decrunch and check files compressed withmore than 100 different crunchers.

VirusScanner v3.1d can find this amount of viruses & trojans:
Bootblock Virus
Link Virus
File Virus
Data Virus

VirusScanner Release Info:
VirusScanner v3.1d Changes:                                        Last known programmer info:
---------------------------                                        ---------------------------
Added other 40 viruses:                                            Gabriele Greco
* COP Trojans                                                      Via Banchi 12
* Biomechanic                                                      I-16030 Uscio (GE)
* Commander                                                        Italy
* And more viruses                                                 
* Some minor bug fixes                                             No E-mail adress
* Some new catalog strings, not translated in
  dansk and deutsch catalogs

Download VirusScanner here:

VirusScanner v3.1d (LHA Packed) Date: 22.07.1996 Size: 147.743 bytes

VirusScanner is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

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