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ZeroVirus III
by Jonathan Potter & John Lohmeyer

ZeroVirus III is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

ZeroVirus III last update: 2 april 1992

This program is a complete virus detection, removal, and protection system. Using ZeroVirus, you can check the bootblock of any disc. You can install the disc (removing any virus that is present) with one of four different bootblocks, and backup the bootblocks of your commercial programs to ensure recovery from any viruses in the future.

ZeroVirus uses BrainFiles to make updating easier. The BrainFiles contain information that ZeroVirus uses to identify viruses and other bootblocks. ZeroVirus has a LEARN option, whereby you may include in the BrainFile the data necessary to recognise a certain bootblock in the future. ZeroVirus also has 'on-line' BrainFile editing, to make the procedure even easier.

System Requirements:
  • All Amiga's with OS1.02 or higher
  • 1K of chip RAM
  • Reqtools.library

  • Memory checking
  • Bootblock check
  • File check
  • Brain files
  • Palette color screen
  • PAL or NTSC screen option
Main screen of ZeroVirus III

ZeroVirus looks for the BrainFile (called 'ZeroVirus.BrainFile) in either the current directory, or in the S: directory, and if it is found , it will be read in.

ZeroVirus then looks for the Palette file (called 'ZeroVirus.Palette) in the same places , and will read in your custom colours from that file if it can be found.

ZeroVirus III v1.21 can find this amount of viruses & trojans:
Bootblock Virus
Link Virus
File Virus
Data Virus

ZeroVirus III Release Info:
ZeroVirus III v1.21 Changes:                                                
* ZeroVirus recognises 4 more file virus.
* It has another option in the File menu, now it can
  check for new viruses, this option is effective in
  a range of (30%-40%).
* One bug removed when checking file in the iconify
* Another bug removed, when you loaded the first time
  ZeroVirus and you choised from the main menu files
  and then you choised file check you got a bug. This 
  bug has been removed.
* ZeroVirus now starts in a real screen (PAL or NTSC).
Last known programmer info:
Jonathan Potter
P.O. Box 289
SA 5034


John Lohmeyer
Parque G├╝ell, 7
08338 Premia De Dalt
Barcelona, Spain

Download ZeroVirus III here:

ZeroVirus III v1.21 (LHA Packed) Date: 02.04.1992 Size: 64.794 bytes

ZeroVirus III is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

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