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     AcidInfector v1.5 Virus 
     - AcidInfector v1.5 file
                               length packed: 1076 bytes
                             Unpacked length: 1384 bytes
       Prompts you to install BB viruses.
                68652041 6369642d 496e6665 63746f72 he Acid Infector
                20762031 2e350a0a 0d496e73 65727420 v 1.5 ... insert
                6469736b 20746f20 62652069 6e666563 disk to be infec
                7465642c 20616e64 20707265 73732052 ted, and press R
                65747572 6e3a0a0d 4572726f 72202d76 eturn: .. Error -v
                69727573 6e616d65 20646f65 73206e6f irusname does no
       Note: Detection in packed form is NOT safe (??). Testing
             The file before deleting it.

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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