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   - ADO!-1-assign   Destruction
         Length: 3320 Bytes  (same as original)
         KS1.3 yes
         68040 yes
         No bowed vector
         This file will be product by HF-AB3D-Trojan.
         But I can't reproduce this at different systems.
         In case of any  function on one other system, i've cut this file.
         In this case the file destruct really!!
         File contents:
            0000aff5 20790000 01dc20fc 41444f21 .... y.... .ADO!
            51cffff8 4e756772 61706869 63732e6c Q...Nugraphics.l
            69627261 72790000 00000000 00000000 ibrary..........
            73637369 2e646576 69636500 00000000 scsi.device.....
            lZyl 0 Bl 0
            00: 41444f21 41444f21 41444f21 41444f21 ADO!ADO!ADO!ADO!
            10: 41444f21 41444f21 41444f21 41444f21 ADO!ADO!ADO!ADO!
            20: 41444f21 41444f21 41444f21 41444f21 ADO!ADO!ADO!ADO!
         Every block of scsi.device, include RDB-Area, will be filled with ADO!
         No damaged occurs on other devices like omni-scsi.device.
         VT present a file delete function.Write the original assign back to c:.

   - ADO!-1-Trojan    Destruction
         Filename: HF-AB3D_Patch
         After File-ID :  Monitor Patch For Alien Breed 3D II
         Filename: EVIL-COMMENT
                        AN EVIL STATUS DOOR BY MATHEWS
         Length crunched:   30560 Bytes
         Length decrunched: 44096 Bytes
         KS1.3 yes
         68040 yes
         No bowed vector
         This file contents a lot of none executable trash.
         Another Part write a file to c:assign.
         But this was wrote on every testet system incorrect.
         The assign file became every time the lengt of free diskspace
         (every kind of drive: Disk or Syquest)
         With SID2 i could read a filelength 0 our others dependent from
         KS and/or CPU. This file could deleted every time. On syquest
         no other damage occurs during writing.
         VT present delete file.

     Removal: Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17
              Kickstart all others: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

    Translated to English by Alexander Jensen © 2001 VHT-Denmark
    Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.


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