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  AhKeym Trojan

  filelength: 2160
  other possible name: Heavne-Master-Key-Maker Trojan

  Possibly programmed in Arexx and then made executable via a Arexx compiler.
  All texts are crypted, only the normal access to the rexx#? libraries will
  be shown. This is a virus, which tries to kill the following stuff:

  - Many files in the prometheus: directory (Prometheus is a german mailbox
  - All files in the directories sys:c/ sys:l/ sys:libs/ sys:l/

  Then it tries to kill various RDB via the KillRDB command. Accessed devices
  are oktagon.device and scsi.device

  The whole stuff is programmed very lame, but effective.

  After decoding you can read a lot of text in the file:

  Heaven-Master-Key-Maker V1.1
  fuer die neuen sichereren Keys :
  Serien#.fuer.Tools.. :
  Serien#.fuer.Checker :
  Serien#.Sec. Abfr... :
  'Key fuer Checker, Tools oder Beide.. :
  delete >NIL: sys:s/startup-sequence'
  sys:c/delete Prometheus:pmbs.key');
  sys:c/delete Prometheus:daten/#?')
  'Fetich =;-)))
  'Das Key liegt in RAM:T....... have fun ( drueck ne Taste )'
   call ciao;

  Original File_ID.Diz of this file:
       ____/\____:__/\ _ ____/\_____
       \:::.    :    Y  \     .:::/
        \_::. _____   | __\___.:__/
        /    __) /    l/ \./   Y   FAiRLiGHT
     .::\    |  .\    /    .    |.:. .::.:::\
          ___!:.::\ _______:____NeB::..
            A-Heaven Master keymaker
              for the NEW key's

Removal      : Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17
               Kickstart all others: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

 Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested 25.03.1995


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