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     Amiga Virus Encyclopedia    
     Chaos Master Virus

     Name         : Chaos Master

     Aliases      : No Aliases

     Type/Size    : File/16676

     Clones       : No Clones 

     Symptoms     : No Symptoms.

     Discovered   : 15-03-92

     Way to infect: File infection

     Rating       : Less Dangerous

     Kickstarts   : 1.2/1.3/2.0

     Damage       : Simulates the "DIR" command.

     Removal      : Delete File.

     Comments     : This virus isn`t resident. NO Vectors will be patched.
                    If you are typing:
                    DIR DH0: (DIR=CHAOS-MASTER!)
                    the virus shows the directory of DH0: and
                    copies itself into DH0:c/dir.
                    If you`re typing:

                    DIR UTILITIES
                    The virus copies a file with the name "" into
                    the UTILITIES directory.

                    If  you are now clicking on the UTILITIES Icon you get
                    a  GURU because the Icon-Structure is damaged. In this
           you can read:

                    "Sorry an alle User, die sich jetzt mit dem"
                    "CHAOS-MASTER V0.5 beschäftigen dürfen !!!!!"
                    "Diese Virus ist nicht für 'LAMER', sondern"
                    "für die Saftsäcke, die ins ZEBERUS Mails im"
                    "Sinne von...Wer sich mit Virenkiller nicht"
                    "auskennt ist selbst schuld... schrieben !!!"

     SHI - A.D 04-94


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