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     CompuPhagozyte 5 Virus

     - CompuPhagozyte 5  File   known Filelengths: 892 Bytes
                                                   900 Bytes
                                                   936 Bytes (1.Hunk $CF)
                                                   936 Bytes (1.Hunk $CD)

          The different filelengths must be handmade while you do not find
          a code in the program that'll explain differences in length.

          Cool always $7C600, OldOpenLib always $7E000
          Reaerves areas in memory with AllocAbs:
               $7C000   the whole VirusPrg
               $7C600   CoolRoutine for RESET
               $7E000   OldOpenLibRoutine for spreading

               :A0A0A0A0  (invisible in root)
          Now able to spread to other drives as well as DF0.
          Now you're able to read COMPUPhagozyte at the start:
                             434f4d50 55506861         COMPUPha
           676f7a79 74650a00                   gozyte..
          New: NO test for OldOpenLib = $FC1430 = KS1.2 anymore.
          KS2.04:After a keyboard reset it will reset in some time.

          If another program calls OldOpenLib an infection of the program
          will be tried. It does not test for wwriteprotection. Memory at
          $7C000  should  be  written  as A0A0A0A0-File on the disk.  After
          that the startup-sequence will be changed.
          Advice: delete immedeately and test the startup-sequence too.

          Typ 5:
          00000000 00000000 00000000 00003aa0 ..............:.
          a0a0a000 3a732f73 74617274 75702d73 ....:s/startup-s
          65717565 6e636500 a0a0a0a0 0a200a54 equence...... .T
          6865206d 69676874 206f6620 54686520 he might of The
          456d7065 726f7220 69732075 6e6c696d Emperor is unlim
          69746564 20212121 0a200a00 000003ec ited !!!. ......

     Translated text from VT-Knows by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated by Torben Danoe


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