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    - CONMAN-HD-FAKER   Destruction-File

        possible filename : keymaker
        at the end of the file you can read :
        Length : 1596 Bytes
        NO bent vectors
        NO spreading

        VT only suggests erase, cause the keymaker-part doesn't
        do anything.
        Two parts were linked with 4EB9-method. The Virus-part
        remains packed.

        Unpacked you can read this :
          11534353 492d4844 2d46414b 45522057 .SCSI-HD-FAKER W
          52495454 454e2042 5920434f 4e4d414e RITTEN BY CONMAN
          72617279 00736373 692e6465 76696365 rary.scsi.device
          0a006776 70736373 692e6465 76696365 ..gvpscsi.device
          0a006d61 78786f6e 2e646576 6963650a ..maxxon.device.
          0000616c 66736373 692e6465 76696365 ..alfscsi.device
          0a00636f 6e6d616e 0a00300a 00000000 ..conman..0.....

        Damage :
        Searching for special devices (look above) and the Rigid-
        Disk-Block (RDB) will be modified. Decoding is NOT
        possible. But since you´ve made a backup of your RDB
        with VT some time ago (you have, do you ???) just write
        it back after re-initialize your HardDisk with the
        HDToolBox. Maybe you can also do a hardcopy of VT-LWInfo
        to have the correct Cylinder counting etc.
        At the end of the Destruction-routine an alerttext
        appears : "SCSI-HD-FAKER WRITTEN BY....."

        Removal: Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17
                 Kickstart all others: VirusZ III, and also Xvs.library must be installed
     Translated to English by M0rpheus © 2001 VHT-Denmark
     Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.


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