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     Disk-Herpes Bootblock Virus

     Name         : Disk-Herpes

     Aliases      : Phantastograph; Phantasmumble

     Type/Size    : Boot/1024

     Clones       : Creepimg Eel, Executors

     Symptoms     : No Symptoms.

     Discovered   : 21-02-90

     Way to infect: Boot infection

     Rating       : Dangerous

     Kickstarts   : 1.2/1.3/2.0

     Damage       : Overwrites Boot + Sometimes RootBlock !!

     Removal      : Install Boot.

     Comments     : If  you  are  starting a DISK-HERPES infected disk the
                    virus  copies itself always to the same memory address
                    => $7EC00. 

                    To  infect  other  disks the virus patches the DoIO()-
                    Vector  from  the exec.library. Additionally the virus
                    changes the CoolCapture Vector to stay resident in the

                    After  14  infections  the  virus shows a GFX-message:
                    (Background = German Flag)

                      --- Hello Computerfreak ---
                    You've got now your first VIRUS
                    *** D i s k - H e r p e s ***
                      Many Disks are infected !!
                    Written by >tshteopghraanptha<
                        22.07.1987 in Berlin

                    Depending  of  a  special  value the virus damages the
                    Root Block of the disk.

     Screenshot of Disk-Herpes Virus:

     Ascii of Disk-Herpes virus:


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