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    Disk-Validator Rootformator

     Name         : Disk-Validator Rootformator

     Aliases      : Root Formatter

     Type         : Disk-Validator
     Size         : 1848 bytes

     Clones       : No Clones

     Symptoms     : No Symptoms

     Discovered   : 17 april 1994

     Way to infect: No infection

     Rating       : Very Dangerous

     Kickstarts   : 1.2

     Damage       : Formats DD-Disk Rootblock

     Comments     : This virus is a very strange one. I always got a
                    GURU as I started it.  The only thing this virus
                    does is:

                       1) to allocate $1600 bytes of CHIP-Mem.
                       2) then it loads the Rootblock + $1400 bytes
                          in this allocated adress.
                       3) after that it checks for a value in the
                          loaded rootblock.
                       4) If this operation was true the virus
                          FORMATS the Rootblock+$1400 bytes.
                          (Then you get a reset!)
                       5) If this operation wasn`t true -> END.

                    There is no text in the virus, so named the virus
                    DISK-VALIDATOR ROOTFORMATOR, because of the above
                    mentioned reasons.

     Removal      : Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17
                    Kickstart all others: VirusZ III, and also Xvs.library must be installed

     Test made by : Safe Hex International

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