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     - ExHacker-Trojan File Destruction
             see. also trainer trojan
             Length packed: 18,280 bytes
             According to FileID, it should be a password hacker.
             VT offers deletions.
             The unpacked file reads:
                                 6262733a 636f6e66 bbs: conf
               636f6e66 69672e69 6e666f00 6262733a config.info.bbs:
               75736572 2e646174 61006c69 62733a61 user.data.libs: a
               65646f6f 722e6c69 62726172 79006c69 edoor.library.li
               62733a42 6f6f7462 6c6f636b 2e6c6962 bs: Bootblock.lib
               72617279 006c6962 733a6165 2e6c6962 rary.libs: ae.lib
               72617279 006c6962 733a6578 706c6f64 rary.libs: explod
               652e6c69 62726172 79006c69 62733a46 e.library.libs: F
               696c6549 442e6c69 62726172 79004c69 ileID.library.Li
               62733a66 72656561 6e696d2e 6c696272 bs: freeanim.libr
               61727900 6c696273 3a696666 70617273 ary.libs: iffpars
               652e6c69 62726172 79006c69 62733a72 e.library.libs: r
               6571746f 6f6c732e 6c696272 61727900 eqtools.library.
               6c696273 3a747261 6e736c61 746f722e libs: translator.
               6c696272 61727900 6c696273 3a787072 library.libs: xpr
               7a6d6f64 656d2e6c 69627261 72790073 zmodem.library.s
               79733a70 72656673 2f546f6f 6c735072 ys: prefs / ToolsPr
               65667300 733a7573 65722d73 74617274 efs.s: user-start
               75700063 3a6c6f61 64776200 up.c: loadwb.
         Damage: The files (see above) should be deleted with dosdelete.

         Removal      : Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17   
                        Kickstart all others: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated frao german to english by Google translate


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