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  HitchHiker 3.00 Installer

  Lately the HitchHiker 3.00 linkvirus appeared and everybody
  was searching for an installer. One day for the release of
  VirusWorkshop 6.2 the archiv patchhh.lzx with the following
  File_ID.DIZ arrived at my place:

  PatchHH 1.0 by ZIB. This anti-virus util
  will stop the propagation of all known
  Hitch-Hiker viri. (1.10/2.01/3.00).
  Not THAT user-friendly but it was made in
  a fucking hurry.....(So no local support
  ! :))


  I was very surprised, because ZIB was the fourth name in the
  dedicated list of HitchHiker 3.00 and I don`t know that person.

  The document looks like this:
  Here's a little utility that will stop the propagation of the Hitch-Hiker
  virus series (currently 1.10/2.01/3.00).
  This proggy will write $ABBAFAB4 into Exec's LastAlert so the viri mentioned
  above will not start their devious work. When a version of HH is already
  active you'll get a warning.

  It's better of course to get the latest virus-killer. Like VirusZ or VT,
  however at the time I wrote this proggy only VT recognised 2.01 and none of
  them 3.00. Hope I spared you a lot of probs with this proggy :)

  Sounds like a viruskiller. In reality some names of C: programms will be
  decrypted (including the string United ForceS...WHY ALWAYS UFO ????) and
  this files will be infected from this nasty linkvirus.

  Test by Markus Schmall                        Detection tested 20.07.1996.


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