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    StarCom Return (Lamer 4 Clone)

    - LAMER-$3AD-BB-Virus

      Clone: See STARCOMReturn
         Recognition ABCD at $3AE
         EOR-Byte at $3AD
         patches trackdisk.device
         Damage: writes LAMER!
      BeginIO, KickTag, KickCheckSum and SumKickData
      Propagation: using BB
      KS1.3: Yes
      FastMem: No
      KS2.04: Didn't work
         Damage: overwrites a block with85 x LAMER! and because
         2 bytes are left, followed with !! . The blocknumber will
         be chosen using $DFF006.
      Memory for the virus will be fetched using StructMemList.
         decodes with:	   EOR.B D0,(A0)+     (changes with $DFF007)

         Readable in the BB decoded:
           4c414d45 30fc5221 51c8fff4 30bc2121 LAME0.R!Q...0.!!
           4e757472 61636b64 69736b2e 64657669 Nutrackdisk.devi
           63650054 6865204c 414d4552 20457874 ce.The LAMER Ext
           65726d69 6e61746f 72202121 218eabcd erminator !!!... 

     Translated to English by Dennis Boon  2001 VHT-Denmark
     Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

    Ascii of Starcom 2 (Lamer 4) virus:

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