Amiga Virus Encyclopedia
     Megamaster Virus
     Name         : Megamaster

     Aliases      : MGM 89

     Type/Size    : Boot/1024

     Clones       : No Clones 

     Symptoms     : No Symptoms

     Discovered   : 10-10-90

     Way to infect: Boot infection

     Rating       : Harmless

     Kickstarts   : 1.2/1.3/2.0

     Damage       : Overwrites boot.

     Removal      : Install boot.

     Comments     : The Megamaster-virus is a very simple and stupid
                    one. If you are booting with an infected disk the
                    virus only copies itself to address $7F300. After
                    copying the virus sets the coolcapture-vector to
                    the virusvalue to stay resdient in memory. In the
                    virusbootblock you can read: "MGM89" (see alias)
                    There are two crypted areas: a GFX-Message-Routine
                    and the infection routine. To infect other disks
                    the virus uses the DoIO()-Vector. Sometimes, during
                    a reset, the virus decryptes the GFX-Area and show
                    this message:

                               "Your Amiga is controlled by"

     Ascii of Mega Master virus (Decoded):


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