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     Polish Bootblock Virus
        - POLISH BB Cool, DoIo also KS2.04
              BB encodes with value from $ DFF006

              Propagation with BB
              As soon as count cell 8 has reached: DisplayAlert
              Difference to other Chaos BBs: 
              add.b d0, (a0) + replaced by eor.b d0, (a0) +.

              Decoded DisplayAlert text:
              61636b64 69736b00 00960c50 4f4c4953 ackdisk .... POLIS
              4820502d 31422049 53205255 4e4e494e H P-1B IS RUNNIN
              472e2e20 20202020 2047454e 45524154 G .. GENERAT
              494f4e20 3a203030 32320000 000048e7 ION: 0022 .... H.

          See also: Chaos, Taipan-Lameblame, CHEATER HIJACKER,
              Taipan-Chaos, lame blame,

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate

     Ascii of Polish Bootblock virus:

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