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    Rastenbork v1.2 Virus

    - Rastenbork-Virus  BB

         Type A:          (Rastenborg)
         Version: 1.2
         Changed vectors: Cool, DoIo
         Reset resistant.
         Does NOT need trackdisk.device.
         The BB says (to fool you):
             69627261 72790042 6f6f7420 56697275 ibrary.Boot Viru
             73205072 6f746563 746f7220 76352e34 s Protector v5.4
             00566563 746f7273 2077726f 6e672100 .Vectors wrong!.
             426f6f74 20636f6e 7461696e 73205343 Boot contains SC
             4120286f 72207369 6d696c61 72292076 A (or similar) v
             69727573 20210043 6f6c6400 436f6f6c irus !.Cold.Cool
             00446f49 4f206368 616e6765 64210041 .DoIO changed!.A
             204e5053 2070726f 64756374 696f6e2e  NPS production.
         a) Increases itself through the BB.
         b) As soon as a counter register has reached the value $B
            a block gets filled with trash. There is NO rescue for
            that block. Try to rescue anything with DiskSalv2.
            When the virus has damaged the block it decodes a part
            of the BB with EOR.L D1,D0 and it writes with
           Meet your new friend,The Rastenborg Virus v1.2 
             Congratulations! Disk in drive is unprotected.
          It probably has no more root block,but who cares...
        ALL thanksgiving services please send to PePe/?"???????
         Note: The programmer wrote Rastenbork, with "g".

       Translated to English by Thomas Steffens  2001 VHT-Denmark
       Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.


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