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    Swifter 2.5 Trojan

    Swifter 2.5 Trojan:
    Other possible names: Game-Trojan
    Filelength: 003.DAT (new Startup-Sequence) 73 bytes
                002.DAT (SetKeyBoard) 1412 bytes
                001.DAT (assign) 3220 bytes
                000.DAT (new keymap) 1972
                Swifter 106496 (Imploder 4.0)
                        215448 (unpacked)

                (IFF picture in swifter is
                215018 bytes long and NOT

    This is just another lame trojan with no special stuff
    in it. It will be tried to delete the startup-sequence
    and then to install a new one, which should delete a
    lot of files. After the mainfile was started, a new
    Keymap will be activated, containing a lot of garbage
    and dangerous commands like a format command. The virus
    itself is 430 bytes long and after it a normal IFF
    picture with a not youth free slogan can be found. This
    picture will be not accessed and was probably put there
    to increase the length of the file.

    The file was uploaded to a swedish bbs by an unknown user
    and this user contacted the sysop and said that he is
    sorry, but he uploaded by accident a new trojan from
    him to his box. Make your own point of view, I am a
    little bit irritated.

    File ID of the upload:

    SWiFTER. Ett spel jag har gjort. Asfränt!

    Helt klart värt en DL. Läs längre

    Test by Markus Schmall


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