Amiga Virus Encyclopedia
     Virus Blaster 2.3 Virus

     Name         : Virus Blaster 2.3

     Aliases      : No Aliases

     Type/Size    : Bomb/9232

     Clones       : No Clones 

     Symptoms     : No Symptoms

     Discovered   : 15-03-92

     Way to infect: No infection

     Rating       : Dangerous

     Kickstarts   : 1.2/1.3/2.0

     Damage       : Destroys disk in drive df0:

     Manifestation: Pretends to be a VirusChecker.

     Removal      : Delete this FAKE.

     Comments     : If  you are starting this Bomb it scan for the disk in
                    drive  DF0:  If the  disk  is  unprotected  the  virus
                    begins  to  destroy  the  disk  immediately. If you`re
                    lucky   you   can  try  to  recover  some  files  with

                    At  the begining the virus gives out this CLI-Message:

                    "Virus Blaster V2.3  by M&T 7/91"

                    Ha!  don`t  belive  such  damn texts. Use a good virus
                    killer  BEFORE any virus can install itself in memory.
                    The  bomb  was  fully  written  in  "C" Language. It`s
                    very   difficult  to  analyse  programs  which  aren`t
                    written in Assembler, e.g. AMOS, C, Pascal....

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