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by Peter Stuer

BootX is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

BootX last update: 3 october 1993
BootX Recog last update: 27 august 1995

BootX is a powerful viruskiller for the Commodore-Amiga computer. It is fast (written completely in assembler and tries to be as user friendly as possible.
This program is freeware, this means that you can copy it freely as long as you don't ask any more money for it than a nominal fee for copying. If you want to distribute this program you should keep this document with it. This program cannot be used for commercial purposes without written permission from the author.
Special permission is hereby granted to include BootX in Public-Domain collections such as Fred Fish's Amiga Library.

BootX software and documentation are © 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 by Peter Stuer. All rights reserved.

System Requirements:
  • All Amiga's with OS2.04 or higher
  • At least 512K RAM
  • FileID.library
  • PowerPacker.library
  • Explode.library
  • Reqtools.library

  • Locale Support
  • Memory Check
  • Vector Check
  • Check Blocks
  • Read, Write, Show physical cylinder 0
  • The LHA archiv checkroutine
  • Integrity-Checker
Main screen of BootX

As of BootX v4.30 all the recognition information BootX needs to identify a virus or a bootblock is contained in a file called BootX.Recog. With this menu item you can load different BootX.Recog files than the one BootX loads at started called "BootX.Recog".
When BootX is started it will look for a called 'BootX.BBLib'.This 'Bootblock library'contains custom bootblocks that you can use instead of the standard OldFileSystem or FastFileSystem bootblocks.

Since so many people keep asking me about it... I graduated in june 1991 as a programmer-analyst. BootX was created because at the time (April 1989) I did not trust the available viruskillers. In those days only the SCA and the Byte Bandit bootviruses where a threat to our bootblocks.

BootX v5.23b (Recog v2.25) can find this amount of viruses & trojans:
Bootblock Virus
Link Virus
File Virus
Data Virus

BootX v5.23b Release Info:
The BootX 5.23 1.85 viruskiller is an official                          Last known programmer info:
update from Safe Hex International.                                     ---------------------------
This new BootX find the Fuck virus,  and a lot                          Peter Stuer
of quite new nasty ones.                                                Beatrijslaan 2 bus 13
                                                                        B-2050 Antwerpen L.O.
Author: Peter Stuer                                                     Belgium
This update: Michael Nielsen/Erik Loevendahl                            

Program Name: BootX 5.23b recog version 1.85                            SHI Safe Hex International
Registration Fee: 0                                                     Erik Loevendahl Soerensen
Author: Peter Stuer.                                                    Snaphanevej 10
Update by Michael Nielsen/Erik Loevendahl                               4720 Præstoe
Files / Size: BX523185.lha/342.100 bytes                                Denmark
Released: 03-10-93

Long Description:
Boot 5.23b 1.85. An excellent easy to use, boot, file and link virus killer. For use with KickStart
2.0 only. Has a lots of options to detect and kill Amiga viruses, extensive  manual, locale support
will give you menus in the following language: Dansk, deutsch, francais, italinano, nederlands, 
norsk, svenska, and most of all the excellent AmigaGuide online help. 

Download BootX here:

BootX v5.23b (LHA Packed) Date: 03.10.1993 Size: 352.660 bytes
BootX Recog v2.25 (LHA Packed) Date: 27.08.1995 Size: 71.845 bytes

BootX is outdated, use it for research only or simply just for fun

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