Amiga AntiVirus test by Virus Test Center Hamburg from 1997 - Virus Help Team


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Amiga Virus Test 1997
From Virus Test Center Hamburg
Made by Soenke Freitag

Table of contents:

          I.     Introduction
          II.    Copyright, License, and Disclaimer.
          III.   Detail results
          IV.    Detection rates

                 1. Totals, absolute
                 2. Totals, percentages
                 3. Ranking

          V.     Comments

I. Introduction.

Welcome to the 1997 VTC-Amiga Anti-Virus test report.

Programmes in this test:

  VT 2.94k    Virus Test by Heiner Schneegold  (02.02.1997) (VT)
  VW 6.4      Virus Workshop by Markus Schmall (12.01.1997) (VW)
  VZ II 136   Virus Z II by Georg Hoermann     (02.01.1997) (VZ)
  Xtruder 3.2 Xtruder by Martin Wulffeld       (29.10.1996) (XT)

Why not testing more Amiga-Antivirus products ?
  The selection of this products is a subjective view of the
  actual market. The selection of tested products represents
  common virus-scanners. 

Why not testing ...

   ...Siegfried AV          - They asked us not to do so
   ...Virusscanner 3.1d     - The last Update was on 22.7.1996
   ...VirusChecker 8.04     - The development stopped
   ...VirusControl          - The development stopped

Official release date of this test:

  The official release date of this test is the 2.4.1997.

Tested facilities of the products:

  This test mainly shows the detection rate of the products.
  User-interface, styleguide etc.. are no essential topics
  of this test.

II. Copyright, License, and Disclaimer.

This publication is (C) Copyright 1997 by Soenke Freitag and the
Virus Test Center at the University of Hamburg.  Permission is granted
to everybody to distribute copies of this information in electronic
form, provided that this is done for free, the contents of the
information is not changed in any way, and the source of the
information is clearly mentioned.  Those who want to re-publish the
information as a whole or in parts in printed form, MUST contact
Soenke Freitag or the VTC-Hamburg and obtain permission first.

No responsibility is assumed by the publisher for any injury and/or
damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability,
negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods,
products, instructions or idea contained in the material herein.

III. Detail results

Testbase:   7 Multipartite (Bootblock+Link) Files (code a in the table)
          221 Bootblockvirii                      (code b)
          105 Filevirii                           (code f)
           56 Linkvirii                           (code l)
           22 Systemvirii                         (code s)
          178 Trojans                             (code t)
            1 Multipartite (Bootblock+File)       (code z)
Overall:  590  Virii (about 1 to 50 samples each in over 3000 files)
               in 258 major virus families.

                                      VT VW VZ XT  Virustype
                                       \ !  / /   /

16_BitCrew.Graffiti                    X o X X  b 
16_BitCrew.Original                    X o X X  b 
16_BitCrew.Paratax3                    X o X O  b 
16_BitCrew.Zaccess1_0                  X o X O  b 
AAA-Enhancer                           X X X .  t 
ABC                                    X X X X  b 
Achtung_Trojan                         X X X X  t 
AcidInfector                           X X X .  f 
Addy.Dropper                           X X X X  t 
Addy.Trojan                            X X X X  f 
ADO.1                                  X X X .  t 
ADO.2                                  X X X .  t 
ADO.3                                  X X X .  t 
AFFEx2                                 X X X X  l 
AGA-Install                            X X X X  t 
Ahkeym                                 X X . .  t 
AISF                                   X X X X  t 
Akimo                                  X X . .  l 
Alien                                  X X X X  t 
AlienNewBeat.Original                  X X X X  b 
AmiBlank                               X X X X  t 
AmigaFanatic                           X X X X  b 
Amigaknight                            X X X X  f 
Angel                                  X X X X  b 
AramDol                                X X X .  l 
ASS1_0                                 X X X X  b 
Australian_parasite.Original           X X X X  b 
BBS.$4EB9-Link.Diskrepair              X X X -  t 
BBS.$4EB9-Link.DMS2_06                 - X X -  t 
BBS.$4EB9-Link.First                   X X X X  l 
BBS.$4EB9-Link.LHAV3                   X X X .  t 
BBS.$4EB9-Link.Whitebox                X X o .  t 
BBS.AeReg                              X X X .  t 
BBS.AmiPatch_1_0a                      X X X .  f 
BBS.AX_F__ker                          X X X X  f 
BBS.AX_Hacker                          X X X X  t 
BBS.Blieb6                             X X . .  t 
BBS.CCHack                             X X X X  t 
BBS.CLP_Based.CLP_WOW                  X X . -  t 
BBS.CLP_Based.MST-VEC                  O X X .  t 
BBS.CLP_Based.PHA_trojan               X X O X  t 
BBS.CLP_Based.UA_Dailer_6_2            X X O .  t 
BBS.ConfTop                            X . . .  t 
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.DLog               O X O X  t 
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.MsgTop             O X O o  t 
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.ULog               O O O O  t 
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.VScan              X X X .  t 
BBS.Devil.V8-b-door                    X X X X  t 
BBS.Doom_CLX.Dropper                   X X X .  t 
BBS.Doom_CLX.Viruses                   X X X -  t 
BBS.DOpus-Virus                        X X X X  t 
BBS.DSC101                             X X X X  t 
BBS.Easy_E                             X X X .  t 
BBS.Express_2_20.Aibon.2               X X X .  f 
BBS.Express_2_20.Aibon.3               O X O .  f 
BBS.Express_2_20.DWEdit_Aibon          O O O .  t 
BBS.Express_2_20.Original              X X X .  f 
BBS.Istrip                             X X X X  t 
BBS.Lhacheck                           X X X .  t 
BBS.Look                               X X X .  t 
BBS.MasterBBS_troj                     X X X .  t 
BBS.Merry                              X X X X  t 
BBS.MONGO.09                           X X X X  t 
BBS.MONGO.51                           X X X X  t 
BBS.M_Chat.ATX_Chat                    X O O .  t 
BBS.M_Chat.MST-DoorBells               X X X .  t 
BBS.M_Chat.Original                    X X X .  t 
BBS.No_Guru                            X X X X  f 
BBS.PB-Party                           X X X .  t 
BBS.Powertrader                        X . X .  t 
BBS.PP-Bomb.Died                       X X X X  t 
BBS.PP-Bomb.MegaMon                    X O . .  t 
BBS.PP-Bomb.ModuleMast17               X X X X  t 
BBS.PP-Bomb.qtx_pow                    X X X X  t 
BBS.Pstats                             X X X .  t 
BBS.SCAN_X                             X X X X  t 
BBS.ShowSysops                         X X X X  f 
BBS.Snoopdos1_6_troj                   X X X X  t 
BBS.Stockmarket_troj                   X X X .  t 
BBS.TopUtil                            X X X .  f 
BBS.Traveller                          X o X o  f 
BBS.Trojan3_10536                      X X X X  t 
BBS.UA_Dialer_2_8g                     X X X X  f 
BBS.Zappa_B_door                       X X X X  t 
BBS.Zspeed_9556_bomb                   X o o o  t 
BEOL.1                                 X X X .  l 
BEOL.2                                 X X X .  l 
BEOL.3                                 X X X .  l 
BEOL.96                                X X X .  l 
BGS9.1                                 O O O X  f 
BGS9.2                                 O O O X  f 
BGS9.3                                 O O O X  f 
BGS9.ATARI                             o O X X  f 
BGS9.Nast                              X O X X  f 
BGS9.Novi                              X o X .  f 
BGS9.PoPa                              o O O o  f 
BGS9.Rob_Northern                      o O X X  f 
BGS9.Terrorists                        X X X X  f 
BigBen                                 X X X X  b 
BlackFlash_2_0.BadBytes3               X X X X  b 
BlackFlash_2_0.Original                X X X -  b 
BLF                                    X X X X  b 
BlowJob                                X X X X  b 
Bluebox                                X X X X  f 
Bootjob.1_0                            O . . .  f 
Bootjob.1_3                            O . . .  f 
BootXKiller                            X X X X  b 
BootX_trojan                           X X . .  t 
Bret_Hawnes.Beethoven                  X X X X  f 
Bret_Hawnes.Original                   X X X X  f 
Bulletin                               X X . .  t 
BURN.1                                 X X X .  l 
BURN.2                                 X O X .  l 
Butonic.1_31.4_55.Snoopdos1_9_dropper  X X O O  t 
Butonic.1_31.4_55.Virus                O O O O  f 
Butonic.1_31.Original                  X O X X  f 
Butonic.3_00                           X O X X  f 
Buzz_Trojan                            X X . .  t 
ByteBandit.1                           X X X X  b 
ByteBandit.2                           X X X X  b 
ByteBandit.3                           X X X o  b 
ByteBandit.4                           X X X X  b 
ByteBandit.Error                       X o O o  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Amida                X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.AmigaFreak           X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Digital_Age          X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Electrovi            X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Frity                X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Germany              X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Mad                  X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Morbid_Angel         X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Original             X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Powerbomb            X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Riska                X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Starcom6             X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Forpib.Zaccess2_0           X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Hauke                       X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.IngerIQ                     X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.NoBanditAnymore             X o X X  b 
ByteBandit.Plus                        X o X o  b 
Byteparasite.1                         X X X X  f 
Byteparasite.2                         X X X X  f 
Byteparasite.3.Original                X X X X  f 
ByteVoyager.1                          X X X X  b 
ByteVoyager.2                          X X X X  b 
ByteVoyager.Starcom3                   X X O X  b 
ByteWarrior.2                          X X X O  b 
ByteWarrior.Mad3                       X X X X  b 
ByteWarrior.Mad3b                      X O X O  b 
ByteWarrior.Original                   X X X X  b 
ByteWarrior.Paramount                  X o X X  b 
Cascade.Dropper                        X X X .  t 
Cascade.Virus                          X X X o  b 
CCCP.Irak3                             X O X .  a 
CCCP.Original                          X X X X  a 
CCCP.Starcom1                          X O X .  a 
CED_Amos                               X . X .  t 
Challenger_trojan                      X X X X  f 
Chaos_Master                           X X X X  f 
ChristmasViolator                      X X . .  l 
ClaasAbraham                           X X X X  b 
Clonk.Original                         X . X X  b 
Coder.BadBytes5                        X O X O  b 
Coder.JT_Protec                        X X X O  b 
Coder.Original                         X X X X  b 
Coder.TwinzSantaClaus                  X O X O  b 
Color                                  X X X X  f 
Commander.Dropper                      O X O X  t 
Commander.Virus                        X X X -  l 
Compuphagozyte.1_1452                  X X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.2_1148                  X X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.3.568                   X X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.3.592                   O X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.4.916                   X X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.4.952                   O X X O  f 
Compuphagozyte.5.892                   X o X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.5.900                   O X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.5.936a                  O X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.5.936b                  O X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.6.1008                  X X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.6.1012                  O O O O  f 
Compuphagozyte.6.1048                  O X X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.7                       X X . X  l 
Compuphagozyte.8                       X o X X  f 
Compuphagozyte.Nano.Original           X X X X  f 
ConClip.A                              X X . .  f 
ConClip.B                              X O . .  f 
Conman.1995                            O X O O  l 
Conman.Artm_23                         O O X X  t 
Conman.b_Bloody                        O o X O  f 
Conman.Dir.Dropper                     X X X X  t 
Conman.Dir.Virus                       X X X O  f 
Conman.Hyper                           X X X .  t 
Conman.Iprefs.Installer                X X o .  t 
Conman.Iprefs.Virus                    X O o .  t 
Conman.KeyMaker.CONMan_hd_faker        X X X X  t 
Conman.KeyMaker.CONMan_format          X O . .  t 
Conman.LoadWB_Dropper                  X X X .  t 
Conman.LoadWB_Trojan                   X X X !  t 
COP.ANDROMEDA                          X O X X  t 
COP.AX50                               X X X X  t 
COP.CED4                               O X X X  t 
COP.CheckMount                         O X X .  t 
COP.COPKILLER                          O X X X  t 
COP.Copy_LX103                         X X X .  t 
COP.Daydream                           o O X X  t 
COP.DM50                               / X . .  t 
COP.FDisk20                            o O X o  t 
COP.Flk_killer                         o O X o  t 
COP.FT                                 X X X X  t 
COP.HD_Install                         X O X X  t 
COP.IconD                              X X X X  t 
COP.Intro                              o O X o  t 
COP.LHA30                              O X X X  t 
COP.LSD_AE42                           X O X .  t 
COP.LZX125                             X O X X  t 
COP.LZX130                             X X X X  t 
COP.LZX_BUGF                           o O X X  t 
COP.MSTCA12                            O X X X  t 
COP.NComm32                            O X X X  t 
COP.OPUS5                              O X X .  t 
COP.Orb95                              X o X .  t 
COP.PARALLAX                           X O X o  t 
COP.PROTRACKER                         X O o o  t 
COP.QB                                 X O X X  t 
COP.Scansystem                         X X X X  t 
COP.SetBuf                             O o o X  t 
COP.SINFO                              X X X .  t 
COP.SPACEBALLS                         X O o o  t 
COP.Tetris                             X / X .  t 
COP.TRS                                X O o o  t 
COP.TRSINS                             o O o o  t 
COP.TRSMEM                             o O X X  t 
COP.TSL                                O O o o  t 
COP.VC659                              o O o o  t 
COP.VW50                               o X X o  t 
COP.VZ121                              o O X o  t 
Copy_LX103.Bomb                        X X X .  f 
Creator                                X X X X  t 
Crime.!++_872.Driveinfo_dropper        X X X X  t 
Crime.!++_872.Virus                    X X X X  l 
Crime.!_1000                           X X X X  l 
Crime.92                               X X X -  l 
CrypticEssence                         X / - .  l 
D-Structure.A                          O X X X  f 
D-Structure.B                          O X X X  f 
D-Structure.C                          O X X X  f 
Damage_Trojan                          X X X .  t 
Darth_Vader_1_1                        X X X X  f 
Datalock.1_1                           X X X .  b 
Datalock.1_2                           X O X .  b 
Datalock.Dropper                       X X X .  t 
Dat_89.Original                        X X X X  b 
Debugger                               X X X X  l 
Decompiler                             X X X X  t 
Degrad                                 X X X X  t 
Descriptor                             X X X X  t 
Destructor                             X X X X  b 
Detlef                                 X X X X  b 
Digital-Dream.Dropper                  X X X X  t 
Digital_Emotions                       X X X X  b 
Disaster-Master2                       X X X X  f 
DiskDoctors.1_01                       O O O X  b 
DiskDoctors.1_02                       O O O O  b 
DiskDoctors.GrimReaper                 X o X O  b 
DiskDoctors.Haukeexterminator          X X X O  b 
DiskDoctors.Paratax2                   X X X O  b 
DiskHerpes.Original                    X X X X  b 
Disktroyer.1                           X X X X  f 
Disktroyer.2                           X O X X  f 
Disk_Info_bomb                         X X . .  f 
Divina_Exterminator                    X X X X  b 
DMS213_Bomb                            X X X X  t 
Dotty.Original                         X X X X  b 
Doubledensity                          X . . .  b 
Dph_Vos_Trojan                         X X X X  t 
DTL                                    X o X o  b 
DumDum.2                               X X . X  b 
DV_RootFormatter                       X X X X  s 
Ebola.1                                X X X X  l 
Ebola.2                                X X X .  l 
Eleni.1_6                              X X X .  a 
Eleni.2_2.Dropper                      X X X X  f 
Eleni.2_2.Virus                        X X X -  b 
Eleni.MessAngel                        X X X X  a 
Excrement.Dropper                      X X X X  t 
Excrement.Sentinel                     X X X X  b 
Excreminator_1                         X X X X  t 
ExHacker_Trojan                        X X X X  t 
Extreme.Fat2                           X X X O  b 
Extreme.Original                       X o X X  b 
Extreme.Primavera                      X o X O  b 
Extreme.TFC.Evergreen                  o o X .  b 
Extreme.TFC.Loadwb_dropper             X X X o  f 
Extreme.TFC.Revenge                    X O o X  f 
Fast.Clone(1)                          O O O X  b 
Fast.Original                          X X X X  b 
FICA.Original                          X X X X  b 
Fileghost.1.Dropper                    X X . .  t 
Fileghost.1.Virus                      X X X .  l 
Fileghost.2.Dropper                    O O O O  t 
Fileghost.2.Virus                      X X X .  f 
Fileghost.3                            X X X .  l 
Freedom_bomb                           X X X X  f 
Frenchkiss                             X X X X  b 
Future_Disaster                        X X X X  b 
Fxxx_device_Virus                      X X X X  b 
G-Zus-Packer                           X X X X  f 
Gaddafi.Khomeni                        X o X o  b 
Gaddafi.Mad_II.Original                X X X X  b 
Gaddafi.Original                       X o X o  b 
Glasnost.Fast_eddie.Infector           X X X O  b 
Glasnost.Fast_eddie.Original           X O X X  b 
Glasnost.Flashback                     X O O O  b 
Glasnost.Original                      X X X X  b 
Glasnost.Tai13                         X O O O  b 
GodAnsi                                X X X X  t 
Golden_Rider                           X X X X  l 
Gotcha.1                               X X X .  t 
Gotcha.2                               X X X .  t 
Gremlin                                X X X X  b 
GV_HS15_trojan                         X X X .  t 
GX-Team                                X o X X  b 
Gyros.Original                         X X X X  b 
HappyNewYear96.DeTag                   O / X .  t 
HappyNewYear96.DM2_19                  O X X .  t 
HappyNewYear96.Virus                   X X X -  l 
HCS.1                                  X X X X  b 
HCS.2                                  X X X X  b 
HD_Speedup_Troj                        X X X X  t 
Hitchhiker.101                         X X X .  l 
Hitchhiker.201.Installer               X X X .  t 
Hitchhiker.201.Virus                   X X X .  l 
Hitchhiker.300                         X X X .  l 
Hitchhiker.411                         . / . .  l 
Hochofen                               X X X X  l 
Hoden_33_17.COHEN                      X X X X  b 
Hoden_33_17.Original                   X X X X  b 
Illegal_Access                         X / X .  l 
Incognito                              X X X X  b 
Infiltrator.DarkAvenger.A              O X X -  l 
Infiltrator.DarkAvenger.B              O X X .  l 
Infiltrator.Original                   X X X X  l 
Intl_Gag                               X X X X  t 
Invader                                X X X .  l 
IRQ.1                                  X X X X  l 
IRQ.2                                  O O O O  l 
IRQ.Metamorphosis                      X X X X  a 
JINX                                   X X X .  b 
Jitr.Original                          X X X X  b 
Joker.A_InstSG                         O X X X  t 
Joker.B_Condom                         O O X X  t 
Joshua.1                               X X X X  b 
Joshua.2.1                             O O O O  b 
Joshua.2.2                             O O O O  b 
Joshua.3                               O X . .  b 
Kauki                                  X X X X  b 
Killed                                 X X X X  b 
Labtec                                 X X X .  t 
Lads.Original                          X X X X  b 
LameBlame.Chaos                        X X X X  b 
LameBlame.Cheater_dropper              X X X X  t 
LameBlame.Original                     X X X X  b 
LameBlame.Polish                       X O X .  b 
Lamer.1_0                              X X X X  b 
Lamer.2_0                              X X X X  b 
Lamer.3_0                              X X X X  b 
Lamer.4_0.Original                     X O X X  b 
Lamer.4_0.Starcom2                     O O O O  b 
Lamer.5_0                              X O X X  b 
Lamer.6_0.Original                     X X X -  b 
Lamer.6_0.Starcom4                     O O O O  b 
Lamer.7_0                              - X X X  b 
Lamer.8_0                              X O X X  b 
Lamer.Boot_Aids.Original               X O X o  b 
Lamer.Boot_Aids.Starcom5               X o X o  b 
Lamer.Clist                            X X X X  b 
Lamer.Dropper                          X X X X  t 
Lamer.Hilly                            X X X X  b 
Lamer.Ingos_return                     X X X X  b 
Lamer.Mad4                             X o o o  b 
Lamer.Metamorphosis                    X X X X  a 
Lamer.VirusX_L8-dropper                O X O O  f 
Lamer.Warshaw_Avenger                  X o X X  b 
LamerLink.Exe                          X X X X  f 
LamerLink.gotcha_lamer                 X X X X  f 
LamerLink.Loadwb                       X X X X  f 
LamerLink.ReturnOfLamer                X o X X  f 
LamerLink.Revenge                      X X X X  f 
LamerLink.Revenge2                     X O X X  f 
Laureline                              X X X X  b 
Leviathan                              X X X X  z 
Liberator.1_21                         X X X X  f 
Liberator.3_0                          X X X X  f 
Liberator.5_01.Lamerfry                X X X X  f 
Liberator.5_01.Original                X X X X  f 
Lisa                                   X X X .  t 
Little_Sven.XC_Dropper                 X X X .  t 
Loop_Combo                             X X X X  f 
Lurad_Trojan                           X / X .  t 
LZ_Link                                X X X X  l 
Max.Creeping_eel                       X X X X  b 
Max.Digital-Dream.Dropper              X X X X  t 
Max.DiskKiller_bomb.XaCa               O X X X  f 
Max.MaxOfStarlight                     X X X .  b 
Max.Mutilator                          X X X X  b 
Megalink                               X X X X  l 
MegaMaster                             X X X X  b 
MenemsRevenge.Original                 X X X X  l 
MenemsRevenge.Pif                      O O O O  l 
Modemcheck.666!-Trojan                 X X . .  f 
Modemcheck.Original                    X X X X  f 
Mosh_Virus                             X X . .  b 
Mount_bomb.SMBX_Dropper                X X X .  f 
MutationNation                         X X X .  l 
Nasty_Nasty                            X X X X  b 
NewAge92                               X X . .  l 
NewLink.Trojan                         X X X .  t 
NewLink.Virus                          X X X .  t 
Nibbler                                - X . .  l 
NorthStar.1                            X o X X  b 
NorthStar.2                            X X X O  b 
NorthStar.Eaststar.Dropper             X X O .  t 
NorthStar.EastStar.Virus               X o X .  b 
NorthStar.Ripper                       X o X X  b 
Obelisk.1                              X o X X  b 
Obelisk.2                              X X X X  b 
Opapa                                  X X X X  b 
Overkill                               X X X X  b 
Pamelashow                             X X X .  t 
Paradox.1                              X X X X  b 
Paradox.2                              X O X X  b 
PentagonCircle.2                       X X X X  b 
PentagonCircle.3                       X X X X  b 
PentagonCircle.Original                X X X X  b 
Pestilence                             X X X X  b 
Phantom.Dropper                        X X X X  t 
Phantom.Virus                          X X X O  l 
Polyzygotronifikator                   X X X .  l 
Promoter                               X X . .  s 
Purge.Dropper                          X O . .  t 
Purge.Trojan                           X X . .  t 
Qrdl_1_1                               X X X X  l 
Random_access_bomb                     X X X X  b 
Rastenbork_Inst.Installer              X X X X  t 
Rastenbork_Inst.Virus1                 X X X .  b 
Rastenbork_Inst.Virus2                 O X X .  b 
Red_October_1_7                        X X X X  l 
Revenge_1_2G.Original                  X o X X  b 
Revenge_1_2G.Sendarian                 X o X O  b 
Revenge_Bootloader                     X X X X  b 
Revenge_Nano.A                         X X X X  f 
Revenge_Nano.B                         X O X X  f 
Ripper                                 X o X X  b 
Sachsen.3                              X X X X  b 
Saddam.2                               O O O O  s 
Saddam.3                               O O O o  s 
Saddam.4                               O O O o  s 
Saddam.4711.Snoopdos_dropper           X X o o  t 
Saddam.5                               O O O o  s 
Saddam.6                               O O O o  s 
Saddam.7                               O O O .  s 
Saddam.Affe                            O O O X  s 
Saddam.Animal                          O O O O  s 
Saddam.diskval1234                     X X O X  s 
Saddam.DiVa.Dropper                    X X O X  t 
Saddam.File                            O O O O  f 
Saddam.Gral                            O O O X  s 
Saddam.Hardex                          O O O O  s 
Saddam.Iran                            O O O X  s 
Saddam.Kick                            O O O O  s 
Saddam.Laurin                          O O O X  s 
Saddam.Loom                            O O O X  s 
Saddam.Nato                            O O O O  s 
Saddam.Original                        X X X X  s 
Saddam.Parfum                          O O O O  s 
Saddam.Risc                            O O O O  s 
Saddam.][                              O X O o  s 
Saddam_boot                            X X X X  b 
Satan                                  X o X o  b 
SCA.2001                               X O X O  b 
SCA.666                                X O X O  b 
SCA.AEK                                X O X O  b 
SCA.Aids_HIV                           X O X O  b 
SCA.BadBytes4                          X O X O  b 
SCA.Big_Boss                           X O X O  b 
SCA.Blade_Runners                      X O X O  b 
SCA.BS1                                X O X O  b 
SCA.Butonic_1_1                        X O X .  b 
SCA.D&A.Dropper                        X X X X  f 
SCA.DAG.Dropper                        X X X X  t 
SCA.DAG.Virus                          X O X O  b 
SCA.Deniz                              X O X O  b 
SCA.Error                              X O O X  b 
SCA.Iceman_and_Irq                     X O X X  b 
SCA.KarlMarx                           X O X O  b 
SCA.Kefrens.1                          X O X O  b 
SCA.Kefrens.2                          X O X O  b 
SCA.LSD                                X O X O  b 
SCA.MEXX                               X O X O  b 
SCA.Microsystems.Original              X X X X  b 
SCA.Original                           X X X O  b 
SCA.Paratax.1                          X O X O  b 
SCA.UltraFox                           X X X X  b 
Scarface.1                             X X X X  b 
Scarface.2                             O O O O  b 
Sepultura.1                            X X X X  f 
Sepultura.2_26                         X O X X  f 
Shit                                   X X X X  b 
SinisterSyndicate                      X X X X  b 
Smeg                                   X X X X  l 
SmilyCancer.1.a                        X X X X  f 
SmilyCancer.1.b                        O O O O  f 
SmilyCancer.1.c                        O O O O  f 
SmilyCancer.2                          X X X X  f 
Starlight                              X X X X  f 
StrangeAtmosphere.Dropper              O X X .  t 
StrangeAtmosphere.Dropper2             O O X .  t 
StrangeAtmosphere.Virus                X X X .  l 
Sumpf                                  X X X .  t 
Suntronic                              X X X X  b 
Supply_Team                            X X X X  b 
Surprise                               X X X X  t 
Susi_Drive_Stepper                     X X X X  t 
Swifter_Troj                           X X X .  t 
System_Z.3_0                           X X X X  b 
System_Z.4_0                           X X X o  b 
System_Z.5_0                           X X X X  b 
System_Z.5_1                           X O X O  b 
System_Z.5_3                           X o X o  b 
System_Z.5_4                           X o X o  b 
Target.Original                        X X X X  b 
TDTJ_Trojan                            X X . .  t 
TeleCom                                X X X X  f 
Termigator                             X o X X  b 
Timebomb_09.trojan_7840                X X X X  t 
Timebomb_Vir.1_0                       X X X X  b 
Timebomb_Vir.BadBytes2                 X O X O  b 
Timebomb_Vir.Fat1                      X O X O  b 
Timebomb_Vir.LameGame                  X O X O  b 
Timebomb_Vir.Omsa                      X O X O  b 
Timebomb_Vir.TAI4                      X O X O  b 
Timebomb_Vir.Tomates_Gentechnik        X O X O  b 
Time_Bomber_troj                       X - X X  t 
Timer-Virus.Dropper                    X X X X  t 
Trainer_Trojan                         X X X X  t 
Traveling_Jack.1                       X X X X  l 
Traveling_Jack.2                       O O O O  l 
Traveling_Jack.AntiChrist              X X X X  l 
Traveller_1_0                          X X X X  b 
Trisector911                           X X X X  b 
Trustnoone_Trojan                      X . X .  t 
Turk.Color_dropper                     X X X X  f 
Turk.Original                          X X X X  b 
Uhr-BB                                 X X O .  b 
ULVD8                                  X X X X  b 
VCCofTNT                               X X X X  b 
Vermin.Original                        X o X X  b 
Vermin.Superboy                        X X X X  b 
VirConSet.Constructor                  X X X X  f 
VirConSet2.Constructor                 X X X X  f 
VirConSet2.VirusType1                  X X X .  b 
VirConSet2.VirusType2                  O O O .  b 
VirusBlaster23_9232                    X X X X  f 
VirusHunter                            X X X .  t 
VirusKillerVirus                       X X X X  b 
Vkill.1.Dropper                        X X X X  f 
Vkill.1.Virus                          X X X X  b 
Vkill.2                                X X X X  b 
Vkill.VirusPredator.Original           X X X X  b 
VMK3_0                                 X X X X  t 
Waft                                   X X X X  b 
Wahnfried                              X X X X  b 
Warhawk.BadBytes1                      X O X O  b 
Warhawk.Original                       X X X X  b 
Warhawk.RAF                            X O X O  b 
WireFace.A_MakeKey                     O O O X  t 
WireFace.B_ScanLink                    O X O X  t 
WireFace.C                             O X X X  t 
WireFace.ComKiller                     O o X X  t 
WireFace.D_AECrack                     O X O O  t 
WireFace.F_Checkmount                  O X O .  t 
WireFace.Rock_n_Roll                   O X X .  t 
Wizard_Timebomb                        X X X X  f 
Xeno.1                                 X X X X  l 
Xeno.2                                 X / X X  l 
Xeno.Bestial                           X X X X  l 
ZINE                                   X X . .  f 
Zombi_1.Original                       X X X X  b 
ZonderCommando.2                       X X X X  t 


        X   - correct detection by name or alias
        O   - detection by family name only
        o   - correct detection of family name, but
              missed identification of the variant name
        /   - heuristic detection of suspicious structure 
              (unknown virus, hunks, ...)
        -   - unreliable detection
              (not all samples of the virus have been detected)
        !   - the scanner crashed on one sample
        .   - no detection

Malware / Virus-type:

        a   - multipartite (bootblock + link)
        b   - bootblock virus
        f   - file virus (companion or overwriting)
        l   - link virus
        t   - trojan
        s   - system (diskvalidator-virus)
        z   - multipartite (bootblock + file)

IV. Detection rates

Summary (positive results):

Detections by name   (X) !   a !   b !   f !   l !   t !   s !   z ! sum
VT                       !   7 ! 208 !  79 !  48 ! 136 !   4 !   1 ! 483
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VW                       !   5 ! 123 !  77 !  48 ! 135 !   5 !   1 ! 394
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VZ                       !   7 ! 201 !  86 !  45 ! 136 !   2 !   1 ! 478
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
XT                       !   4 ! 139 !  76 !  22 !  81 !   8 !   1 ! 331 family o.member(O/o)!   a !   b !   f !   l !   t !   s !   z ! sum
VT                       !   0 !  12 !  26 !   6 !  40 !  18 !   0 ! 102
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VW                       !   2 !  96 !  26 !   4 !  35 !  17 !   0 ! 180
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VZ                       !   0 !  16 !  12 !   4 !  28 !  19 !   0 !  79
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
XT                       !   0 !  63 !  12 !   5 !  19 !  12 !   0 ! 111 other condition(/)!   a !   b !   f !   l !   t !   s !   z ! sum 
VT                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   1 !   0 !   0 !   1
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VW                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   4 !   3 !   0 !   0 !   7
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VZ                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
XT                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0

Overall - Detection: (X,O,o,/)
VT: 483 + 102 + 1 = 586 
VW: 394 + 180 + 7 = 581
VZ: 478 +  79 + 0 = 557
XT: 331 + 111 + 0 = 442

Summary (negative results):

Not detected samples (.) !   a !   b !   f !   l !   t !   s !   z ! sum
VT                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   1 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   1
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VW                       !   0 !   2 !   2 !   0 !   4 !   0 !   0 !   8
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VZ                       !   0 !   4 !   7 !   6 !  14 !   1 !   0 !  32
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
XT                       !   3 !  16 !  17 !  25 !  73 !   2 !   0 ! 136

Unreliable detections(-) !   a !   b !   f !   l !   t !   s !   z ! sum
VT                       !   0 !   1 !   0 !   1 !   1 !   0 !   0 !   3
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VW                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   1 !   0 !   0 !   1
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VZ                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   1 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   1
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
XT                       !   0 !   3 !   0 !   4 !   4 !   0 !   0 !  11

Product Crashes      (!) !   a !   b !   f !   l !   t !   s !   z ! sum
VT                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VW                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
VZ                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0
                         !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
XT                       !   0 !   0 !   0 !   0 !   1 !   0 !   0 !   1

Total number of detected viruses:

                   Detected    by name   by family   by other
                   viruses               or member   condition
                             !          !          !
VT 2.94k              586    !   483    !   102    !      1
                             !          !          !
VW 6.4                581    !   394    !   180    !      7
                             !          !          !
VC II 1.36            557    !   478    !    79    !      0
                             !          !          !
XT 3.2                442    !   331    !   111    !      0
                             !          !          !
Best Possible         590    !   590    !     0    !      0 
                             !          !          !

Total percentage of detected viruses:

                   Detected    by name   by family  or member
                   viruses               or other condition
                             !          ! 
VT 2.94k              99,3 % !   81,9 % !  17,4 %
                             !          ! 
VW 6.4                98,5 % !   66,8 % !  31,7 %
                             !          ! 
VC II 1.36            94,4 % !   81,0 % !  13,4 %
                             !          ! 
XT 3.2                74,9 % !   56,1 % !  18,8 %
                             !          ! 
Best Possible        100,0 % !  100,0 % !   0,0 %
                             !          !          

Ranking (detection rate, absolute):

   1. Virus Test V 2.94k

   2. Virus Workshop 6.4

   3. Virus Z II 1.36

   4. Xtruder 3.2

V. Comments
The following are some peculiarities about the tested 
virus scanners. Those comments might be useful to have 
in mind when selecting one of those products.

* Vectorcheck
  VT:   Checks some vectors, displays their names, knows many patches
  VW:   Checks many vectors, but shows only their offsets, 
        knows many patches
  VZ:   Checks many vectors, knows many patches
  XT:   Checks several vectors

* Reporting functions
  VT:   Very good
  VW:   Does not Report BB-Files, no automatic reporting
  VZ:   Good, but includes ASCII control-characters
  XT:   Good

* Integrity check
  VT:    Yes
  VW:    Yes
  VZ:    No
  XT:    Yes

* Heuristics
  VT:    No
  VW:    Yes (very good)
  VZ:    No
  XT:    No

Other remarks:
VW has a bug when checking bootblocks in files. When scanning the 
whole testbed VW for ex. reports no detection on files like 
Bytewarrior, Forpib., etc. After copying those files to an extra 
directory the check detects those samples. Normal users should have
no problem with that, as they usually have BB-virii on the bootblock, 
and single check is performed anyway. Testing the scanner 
- nevertheless - is not easy this way.

VZ reports on the screen that it is performing repair even if it
is started without the repair option, regardless that in this
case repair doesn't actually occur. 

XTRUDER is not able to check BB-Data files which makes testing for 
Bootblock-Viruses very hard. As the detection-brainfile is 
byte-to-byte identical to the one of our last test, we just 
copied the results from the 1996 test.

Author of this document:
Soenke Freitag
Virus Test Center
University of Hamburg
Vogt Koelln Str. 30
22527 Hamburg - Germany

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