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By Dirk Stoecker

CheckX detects all the viruses found by xvs.library, which contains the complete antivirus knowledge of VirusZ utility by Georg Wittmann, Alex van Niel and Jan Erik Olausen. CheckX can NOT remove detected viruses. You still need antivirus software like VirusZ, VirusExecutor, VT, Mill or VirusChecker.

I always run VirusZ in the background to check for viruses. CheckX also scans disk archive information texts for packers and viruses, bootsectors of dearchived disks and is able to scan for destroyed sectors. The memory is scanned once after starting CheckX.

This program uses:

CheckX unpacks archives and packed files as deep as possible:
  • you can unarchive a crunched archive as well.
  • multiple crunched files can be decrunched.
  • multiple archives can be extracted.
  • multiple disk archives can be extracted.
  • linked and crunched and archived files are no problem.

CheckX finds HappyNewYear 98 virus

This program uses xfdmaster.library and xvs.library for packer and virus scanning. The xadmaster.library is used to dearchive file and disk archives.

The complete number of found viruses is logged at the file end, if the scan found some of them. Also the scan time and the number of errors (if some appeared) is logged.

For more info, please contact:
Dirk Stoecker
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 10
01877 Bischofswerda
(We're not sure if the address is still valid)

Click here to get Dirk's Public PGP key.

The eXternal Virus Scanner Library
CheckX is now, through the use of the 'xvs.library' able to detect all the older and some of the new viruses. So is is very important that you have the newest update of 'xvs.library' for recognition and disinfection of all the new viruses. Download the latest version of xvs.library also made by Georg Wittmann here.

Download CheckX here:

Download CheckX v1.94 (lha packed) Date: 23.03.2003 Size: 41.122 bytes Read me

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