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VT-Schutz ADF Packed
By Virus Help Team
Copyright © 1995-2021
Copyright © Heiner Schneegold

Information :
If you think that you have a virus on your Amiga, then you have to start an antivirus program from a clean scource. That means you have to boot your Amiga from a floppy disk. Virus Help Team have made a floppy disk with VT-Schutz that you can download, with the latest version of VT-Schutz and the support library the program need, and they are all clean and ready to use, this floppy disk are packed with 'Amiga Disk File' (adf), so you have to unpack the archives first.

Requirements :
One of the Amiga operating systems below is required:
  • Amiga Kickstart 1.2+
  • Amiga Kickstart 1.3+
  • Amiga Kickstart 2.0+
  • Amiga Kickstart 3.1+
  • 2 Mb Memory (Fast and Chip)

If you don't have 2mb of memory, try this:
  • Open a cli window
  • Format a disk with format drive df0: name "VTTest3" (return)
  • Then please enter install df0: (return)
  • ONLY copy VT3.xy to this disc. (Xy stands for a number)
  • Boot from this disc and please enter in the Cli window VT3.xy (return)

Current versions on the VT-Schutz .adf archive :
VT-Schutz Version: 3.17 Date: 26.06.2000 By Heiner Schneegold More information
VMK (Virus Memory Kill) Version: 1.10 Date: 02.07.2002 By Chris Hames More information

Download :
vhtdk-vt317.adf ADF Packed Date: 26.06.2000 Size: 901.120 bytes

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