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VirusChecker II
By Alex van Niel

For about 2 years ago John Veldthuis sold the source code for VirusChecker to David Dustin. But David never had the time to update VirusChecker. So David did a great thing, he offered the source code to Virus Help Denmark for free, and we accepted the offer and went out looking for a programmer that could update the new VirusChecker. We found a guy in Holland, that is a member of the new team behind Virus Help Team Holland. The guy is Alex van Niel, and has done a great job with updating VirusChecker.

Thanks to Alex for the great job he has done.

Thanks to David Dustin for the code, and to John Veldthuis for support.

Alex van Niel
Billie Holiday straat 116
2551 WK Den Haag

Press here to get my PGP public key.

Download VirusChecker NG here:

Screenshot of VirusChecker
Release info from Alex
Download VirusChecker NG
Download FREE key-file
VirusChecker finds the Happy New Year 98 link-virus
Read the release info from Alex
Download VirusChecker NG v1.07
Download FREE VirusChecker key-file

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