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VT-Schutz DMS Packed
By Virus Help Team
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VT-Schutz Copyright © Heiner Schneegold

Information :
If you think that you have a virus on your Amiga, then you have to start an antivirus program from a clean scource. That means you have to boot your Amiga from a floppy disk. Virus Help Team have made a floppy disk with VirusZ III that you can download, with the latest version of VT-Schutz, and they are all clean and ready to use, this floppy disk are packed with Disk-Masher (dms), so you have to unpack the archives first.

Unpack the .dms archive :
if you don't have DMS installed on your system, you can download the dms program here, it is not packed, it is an .run file ready to use

DMS v1.11: Disk-Masher v1.11 by SDS Software, Kickstart 1.2 and higher - Download dms.run (40kb)

DMS AmigaDOS commands:
DMS Write file[.DMS], [TO dev:] - (Example for VirusZ: DMS Write vhtdk-vt317.dms TO DF0:)

Requirements :
One of the Amiga operating systems below is required:
  • Amiga Kickstart 1.2+
  • Amiga Kickstart 1.3+
  • Amiga Kickstart 2.0+
  • Amiga Kickstart 3.1+
  • 2 Mb Memory (Fast and Chip)

If you don't have 2mb of memory, try this:
  • Open a cli window
  • Format a disk with format drive df0: name "VTTest3" (return)
  • Then please enter install df0: (return)
  • ONLY copy VT3.xy to this disc. (Xy stands for a number)
  • Boot from this disc and please enter in the Cli window VT3.xy (return)

Current versions on the VT-Schutz .dms archive :
VT-Schutz Version: 3.17 Date: 26.06.2000 By Heiner Schneegold More information
VMK (Virus Memory Kill) Version: 1.10 Date: 02.07.2002 By Chris Hames More information

Download :
vhtdk-vt317.dms DMS Packed Date: 26.06.2000 Size: 505.970 bytes

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