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Release Information
*=*                                                                                                 *=*
=*=                                      VirusZ_III.Bootblocks                                      =*=
*=*                                     Made by Virus Help Team                                     *=*
=*=                                                                                                 =*=
*=*            Please, don't trust downloads of this archive from anywhere else than here           *=*
=*=                                                                                                 =*=

Last updated....: 17 may 2020
Very important..: VirusZ_III.Bootblocks - Must have a size of: 50.164 bytes
                                   VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Many of the viruses we have added  to the VirusZ_III.Bootblocks, will make a checksum changes with each
mutation, so there is absolutely no guarantee that the new viruses we have added it will be reported as
a virus, because the virus could have mutated and changed it's code.  But we will add as many mutations
as we possible can.

                                  ABOUT VIRUSZ_III.BOOTBLOCKS

Virus Help Team have made this VirusZ_III.bootblocks file,  because there is nothing else we can do, no
one from  Virus Help Team  knows anything about  programming and cant make an antivirus program.  So we
think this is better than nothing, at least now VirusZ III can find bootvirus unknown to xvs.library.

The VirusZ_III.bootblocks file is free for anyone to use. The file contains some of the bootblocks that
Virus Help Team have  collected over the years, and that VirusZ  III does not recognize,  new bootblock
viruses that  VirusZ III with  the use of xvs.library v33.42, cant recognize, will now be reported as a 
bootblock virus, like this : *VIRUS* (VIRUS NAME).  And other harmless bootblocks that VirusZ III would
report as a 'Unknown Bootblock', will now be reported by name if possible.

Just put the VirusZ_III.Bootblocks in  your S: drawer. If you already have set VirusZ III to learn some
bootblocks you can merge the Virus Help Teams bootblock file with your own.

Virus Help Team is in no way liable for any changes, you make to the VirusZ_III.bootblock that we  have
provided, or consequences there  of as Virus Help Team is in no way liable for damages or  loss of data
directly or indirectly caused by this software.


You must have installed VirusZ III v1.02 that is made by  Georg Hoermann.  VirusZ III v1.02 will run on
any (emulated or real) Amiga that comes with at least AmigaOS 2.04 (Kickstart v37) or MorphOS.

Go to the VirusZ page to download:
VirusZ III v1.02 - VirusZ Page
VirusZ_III.Bootblocks archive - VirusZ Page

The VirusZ_III.Bootblocks archive contains these files:

                              VIRUSZ_III.BOOTBLOCKS RECOGNITION

The amount of bootblock virus and harmless bootblocks that has been added by Virus Help Team, is in the
recent version of VirusZ_III.Bootblocks:

Virus bootblocks (and clones):
Hamless bootblocks:
Please, don't trust downloads of this archive from anywhere else. It is very easy for someone to make a
fake archive of this, and make you believe that it is from Virus Help Team.  Only download this archive
from Virus Help Team at, then you know it is a 100% genuine archive from us.

                                VIRUSZ III v1.02 BOOTBLOCK FILE

Just copy the VirusZ_III.Bootblocks into you S: drawer.

If you already have made your own VirusZ_III.Bootblocks,  and have added your own bootblocks,  then you
can use  the 'Merge' option with  VirusZ III in the Bootblock Lab option,  then you can merge your file
with this file from Virus Help Team,  by using the functions  offered via the  VirusZ III Bootblock lab

Brain/Merge Brains:
Adds brain cells from a second file to the currently loaded brain.

Read the Documentation for VirusZ III for more information

If a virus is found, VirusZ III v1.02 will show it like this: *VIRUS* (VIRUS NAME).
Other bootblocks like utility,  game or loader bootblocks that we have added, will be shown by the name
that Virus Help Team have named the bootblock in the Bootblock lab of VirusZ III v1.02.

Screenshots of VirusZ III pop-up, when finding a virus bootblock and a harmfull bootblock:

VirusZ III finds an added bootblock virus:
VirusZ III finds an added harmless bootblock:
Filter-Boot Selector v1.01
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIRUSZ_III.BOOTBLOCKS - RELEASE HISTORY BY VIRUS HELP TEAM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Released date: 17 may 2020 - - VirusZ_III.Bootblocks file size: 50.164 bytes - - Bootblocks added: Again a big thank you to CrashDisk for sending us some of these viruses: Bavarian Virus...............(See: Random Access) [Not really a virus, but writes GURU after $60] Gandalf Decoded Virus Guru Virus...................(See: Random Access) [Not really a virus, but writes GURU after $60] Random Access Virus [Not really a virus, but writes GURU after $60] Sinister Syndicate...........(See: Random Access) [Not really a virus, but writes GURU after $60] And 167 harmless bootblocks Released date: 11 may 2020 - - VirusZ_III.Bootblocks file size: 46.424 bytes - - Bootblocks added: A big thank you to Jason & Jordan Smith for there huge bootblock collection: 5th Demension Virus..........(See: Random Access) [Not really a virus, but writes GURU after $60] Bad Boy Virus................(Clone: TimeBomb 1.0) Ezzard Virus.................(See: Random Access) [Not really a virus, but writes GURU after $60] Gandalf Coded Virus..........(Other Name: Gandalf) Glastnost #1 Virus...........(Other Name: Glasnost) Ingo Is Back #1 Virus........(Other Name: Zenker) NoName 1 Virus...............(Other Name: Byte Bandit 2) SystemZ v6.2 Virus SystemZ v6.3 Virus VCS 2 Clone Virus............(Clone: VirConSet2 Virus) Vkill 1.0 Clone Virus........(Clone: Vkill 1.0) And 953 harmless bootblocks Released date: 9 may 2020 - - VirusZ_III.Bootblocks file size: 12.696 bytes - - Bootblocks added: A big thank you to CrashDisk for sending us these viruses: AmigaMans Virus Amor v1.0 Virus Chaos Force Five.............(Clone: Northstar 1) Coded Virus..................(Clone: ByteBandit 1) BJH Virus....................(Clone: DiskDoctor 101) CopyLock Virus Digital Force Virus DiskDoctor No Name...........(Clone: DiskDoctor 101) Delta Virus..................(Clone: CCCP) GoodWill Virus Ingo Is Back Virus...........(Clone: Zenker) Lemke Virus..................(Clone: ByteBandit 1 Magic Plagiator Virus........(Clone: FICA) Magic Ultra Virus............(Clone: DiskDoctor 101) Nightmare Loader 1 Virus Nightmare Loader 2 Virus No Name 3 Virus Pong Virus Shut Berlin Virus............(Clone: ByteBandit 1) Sphinx-O Virus TBS Virus....................(Clone: ByteBandit 1) TRG Loader Virus Tyrannovirus Rex Virus Unknown 3 Virus Unknown 4 Virus Wus Virus....................(Clone: ByteBandit 1) Zenker Virus And 11 harmless bootblocks Released date: 3 may 2020 - - VirusZ_III.Bootblocks file size: 10.044 bytes - - Bootblocks added: Jackal 1d Virus VHT 1 Virus..................(Clone: Australian Parasite) VHT 2 Virus..................(Clone: Warhawk) Zevil Virus And 136 harmless bootblocks Released date: 1 may 2020 - - VirusZ_III.Bootblocks file size: 5.556 bytes - - Bootblocks added: Jackal 1a Virus Jackal 1b Virus MemSearcher Virus And 160 harmless bootblocks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE HELP US ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please help us with making the VirusZ_III-Bootblocks better. If you have an bootblock collection, that we can add to the bootblock file, please send it to us. If you want to be anonymous, write it to us in your e-mail, and your e-mail will go into the trashcan afterwards, no questions will be asked. Please e-mail bootblocks to: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIRUS HELP TEAM - LOOKING FOR ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMMERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No one from Virus Help Team knows anything about programming at all. So we are currently looking for antivirus programmers that can help us, by making a brand new antivirus program, that must support the xvs.library, xadmaster.library, xfdmaster.library. And must be working from Kickstart 2.04 and forward. Virus Help Team will support you with all new viruses an trojans, that has been found since the release of xvs.library v33.42. Just to be on the safe side, we will need to see an anti-virus program that you have made, supporting the library's above, before we will send any viruses or trojans. But please contact us for more info. We have been trying to contact Georg Hoermann (VirusZ), Heiner Schneegold (VT-Schutz) and all the other anti-virus programmers from the good old days, but there e-mail adresses aint valid anymore. If any of these 'Old Time Antivirus Programmers' read this, and havent thrown there Amiga in the dumbster, and are ready to dust there Amiga off, and do some anti-virus programming again. Contact Virus Help Team if you want to know more. Click here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIRUS HELP TEAM - CONTACT ADDRESSES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For any comments, bug reports, snapshots or if you have found a new virus, an unknown bootblock or if you have a bootblock collection, then please send them to us or contact Virus Help Team: Send E-mail to Jan Andersen: You can also use our Virus Help Team Contact Page. Virus Help Team respect the your privacy. Any information you submit regarding your e-mail, name and other contact details will NOT be shared with other parties.
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